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Focal point VR Stream Processors

A complementary range of live video stream processors. The stream processors live-stitch the input from multi camera rigs (including 3rd party systems), apply video processing, optimisation and encoding.

Focal Point VR FSP-4

The Focal Point VR FSP-4 Stream Processor is a high quality optimised live 360 stitching solution designed to work with broadcast quality VR camera rigs. The FSP-4 is a customised rack mount PC pre-installed and
configured to work with the Ubiety Stream Processor.

Stream Processor features

Multi camera support
Live Stitch editing
Unique Stitch paint and Blend paint
Laplacian multi-band stitching
Colour grade
10-bit pipeline
GPU accelerated H.264 and H.265 encoding
Multi track AAC audio compression
Real-time up to 60 fps
Resolution up to 16k Focal Point Region of interest optimisation 


HDMI®, SDI, SRT, RTSP, RTMP, NDI and .Mp4 file
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We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, we have recently demonstrated a camera to headset ultra low latency 12k 360 live stream using our proprietary Ubiety optimisation technology to deliver a UHD+ 360 video stream using less than 50mbps bandwidth.

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