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ROSS 360 – VR Special Project

SeaOwl Group requirements:

● To display 6 to 8k 360° video from VNRebel ship, in real time (latency – sub 1 second), to a 9 meter diameter viewing dome located in Paris.

● Camera was gyrostabilized with remotely activated / deactivated.

● Telecom link between ship and shore control center offered 15 to 18Mbit bandwidth during the demo and suffers from high latency and jitter.

● Two other video streams (external view of the ship taken from a Drone and RHIB were sent to the shore center through the same technology with a different link/stream ID than the main one). The video streams were composited / displayed over the 360° images on the dome screen.

● Live “atmosphere” audio of the Environmental was injected into the 360 video stream.