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 About Focal Point VR


Focal Point VR is a world leader in the field of immersive telepresence.
We have developed proprietary technology capable of capturing, 
delivering and playing live stream 360 video at resolutions beyond that of any competitor.

We offer an end to end broadcast grade, ultra high fidelity nonlinear live stream 360 video platform
which delivers presence at live events for remote viewers using VR headsets
and augments the experience for in situ viewers with AR overlay live-views.

For Enterprise – we offer a point to point ultra high resolution, low latency,
resilient immersive telepresence solution.

For Broadcast – we offer a broadcast grade capture and contribution solution
capable of delivering and scaling synchronized multi point of view immersive live streams to
and over standard broadcast OTT infrastructure.

We can provide customised solutions for partners based on our reference designs and proprietary
software technologies as well as running live events for clients on a project basis.

Towards Retina Resolution Live 360

The healthy human eye can resolve features down to 1 arc minute (1/60 of a degree), displays of this
resolution are often called Retina Resolution Displays (a term coined by Apple in 2010). VR headsets are rapidly heading towards retina resolution capability;

our mission is to deliver live Retina Resolution 360 video.


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We Support all major LIVE streaming platfoms   


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Our Services


Production Grade Remote Presence

High resolution multi point of view immersive video streaming.

  • Production grade ultra high-resolution camera rigs (8k+)
  • Multiple points of view, curated + viewer controlled
  • Broadcasts stream and event data overlays
  • True feeling of remote presence in VR headsets

Web / Social 360 live streaming

  • Solution designed for live streaming to social platforms
  • Rapid, simple lightweight deployment
  • Single or multi point of view directed 360
  • YouTube 360, Facebook 360, Periscope, Web player

Environmental 360

  • Immersive playout option in VR headsets for existing premium ‘flat’ broadcast streams
  • Virtual big screen with synchronized 360 degree live environmental stream

AR Second View

  • Low latency venue immersive streaming (WiFi 6 / 5G)
  • Privileged viewpoints enhance in venue experience
  • Viewable on mobile devices, VR and AR headsets
  • Option to stream to venue co-located VR breakout areas


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VR broadcast

Oxford Choral

VR Special Project

ROSS 360

VR Special Project

Virtual Veronese

XR Special Project

Saucerful of Secrets

VR Special Effects Production







We bring audiences closer to the action – using ultra high-fidelity immersive livestream video and AR/VR we teleport remote audiences into stadiums and augment in the in-venue experience.


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Focal Point VR Ltd.
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