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Weavr Audience of the Future End of Project Videos

Focal Point VR participated in the UKRI funded Weavr Audience of the Future project (

The project ran from Jan 2019 to Jun 2021 and allowed us to develop and demonstrate a range of live immersive remote presence technologies designed to engage the Sports and eSports Audience of the future.

The following videos provide a short overview of the platform we developed and demonstrated, some of the R&D into ultra high resolution live 360 video we undertook (and are continuing) along with a recap of some of the immersive content we streamed at the live events during the demonstrator.

This video provides an overview of the immersive telepresence platform we developed and demonstrated during Weavr

This video takes a look at our research into delivering human eye resolution 360 video live

This video recaps some of the live events we demonstrated our live stream platform at during the project

Prototype WebXR based multi point of view immersive web player